Allen Eubank’s Mission

I love working on hard problems. Hearing that I can help gives me great pleasure. To help people. Yes, that is it. Giving back more than I take is my passion.

Problem Solver

There is nothing better to him than a solved problem, and then making the solution better!


Allen Eubank reads and writes software in a few different languages. He loves translating ideas into code.

Scientist at heart

Allen Eubank uses the scientific method. He loves coming up with ideas, testing them, and then learning from them.

 * Say what Allen Eubank is doing.
 * WARNING: Not guaranteed to be accurate.
function rightNowAllenIs() {

  var now = new Date().getHours()

  if (0 < now && now < 6) {
    alert("Allen is probably sleeping.")
  else if (now < 10) {
    alert("Allen is definitely drinking coffee.")
  else if (now < 12) {
    alert("Allen is coding or reading. It's a toss up.")
  else if (12 < now && now < 13) {
    alert("Allen is probably feeding himself some brain fuel(food).")
  else {
    alert("Why don't you just ask him?")