Google Inbox for Productivity

06 Jan 2015

I just started using Google Inbox to supercharge productivity. I apply it across all facets of life. Never forget to do that thing again!

Google Inbox to supercharge productivity

Everyday we all receive emails. Don’t spend more time than you need to filtering, sorting, prioritizing emails. Let Google do it for you! Google creates bundles of emails that categorize them for you. Stop using labels, folders, tags, rules, etc.

You are spending valuable mental resources wasting time on that.

Practice the Zero Inbox Rule!

The zero inbox rule is making your inbox empty. Google Inbox helps you do that. Emails are meant to be taken out of the inbox. The more you have in your inbox, the more you have to read to find what you are looking for.

What if you have something important come in and it’s lost in the noise? Practice the mantra, “do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it.” Google Inbox easily gives you the ability to do that.

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Creating reminders and notes

Whenever I hear myself saying “I should,” “I need to” or any phrase that is something that I can’t do now and I am going to have to do it in the future. I need to capture that. Google Inbox makes it so easy to create reminders. If it’s something that needs a little more context, I email myself about it.


This is where Google Inbox shines. When you can’t get to it now, snooze it. This just puts it on the back burner for a later time when you can get to it. Take your inbox to the next level. There is no reason to be cluttering your inbox.

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