Asking Why

09 Jan 2015

I recently started asking myself 'why?' a lot more. I ask because it helps me figure out my reasons for doing something.

Asking “Why?”

Why do I ask why? Now, whenever I take on a new project or decide to spend extra time working, I want to give myself a reason to commit to it.

Defining why I am doing something takes it to a whole new level. Questioning why I should do something practices mindfulness. It sparks an explosive amount of motivation when I agree with and understand why I am doing something. When I have a reason “why,” I pursue it to no end.

That is the biggest difference between the average and the great. The great know why they do something. They understand what it takes. They know that the late nights, pain, and struggle are only the details. Underneath it all it is the “why” that pushes them forward.

Why do I work all day and all night? * Because I love what I do and I want my projects to be the best they can be. *

Why did I marry my wife? * Because I couldn’t imagine a life without her and now she is mine forever. *

Why do I write my goals everyday? * Because it defines who I am now and who I want be. *

Defining why you do something isn’t easy. Something you pick up and put down immediately. Ultimately, you are the only one who knows why you do something. When you leave this earth, and you think back on all that you have done, make sure you agree with what you did and who you are.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

-- Friedrich Nietzsche