Why Complaining Will Not Help You

03 Feb 2015

Complaints? Have them? I have them and when I do, I do my best to minimize them. Complaints change my mindset when I let one slip.

No ones like a complainer except another complainer.

I am surprised that I did not know this earlier in my life. I did not know about the power I would give up when I would complain. Complaints are admissions. Admissions that there is something in your life that you have no control over. That there is something in the world that wronged you or hurt you in some way.

That gives whatever the complaint is power over you. In my life, I want to decide what I have control over and what I do not have control over. I do have control over what I think and my impression of the world. Complaining gives up that power over yourself.

I look back at the things that I use to complain about. Too tired, too much work, not enough time to do the things I want, too much traffic, getting sick, not being able to spend quality time with my wife, etc. I realize now what a waste it was to complain about those things. It only gave those things more power over me. When I would complain about being sick, and I would only feel more sick. Complaining about being tired? I would not have the energy to do the work I needed to. Too much traffic? I would only frustrate myself by driving to work.

Now, I look at all those problems, and realize that they are opportunities. This mindset has greatly impacted me and changed me for the better. I admit, this mindset did not come from me. I am merely telling you what I have read, learned and drilled into my head. This technique has come from reading a lot about Stoicism and the power of thought. I place so much importance on the power of thought. As to now, I will not tolerate negativity within myself. No one needs negativity. It is much more productive to view every problem that arises in your life as a possibility. A possibility to grow, to learn, to make a change, to find success. Complaining takes all of that away that opportunity away. It shuts down creativity.

Today, I strive to eliminate all complaints. It serves no purpose in my life. I believe that this can help you too. Look to eliminate complaints in your life, and look at what that problem you face for what it really is, an opportunity to find yourself.